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Documentary Arts Asia is a non-profit organization which works primarily in photography and film, but also audio and narrative writing, to tell the stories from Asia that need to be heard.

Documentary Arts Center is in Chiang Mai, Thailand and supports documentary artists through the provision of training and library resources, grants and promotion.  DAA also strive to gain recognition for the importance of high-quality, independent and objective documentary practice through its agency, magazine and documentary arts festival.  See more about them here.

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Jetana Trust has supported DAA to develop and hold a Photography Master Class and a Video Master Class.

As well as this, Jetana has supported DAA to have one Artist in Residence program, which would allow one video or photography artist to be in residence at the DAA center in Chaing Mai, help with teaching and produce one body of work at DAA which would then be shown at the Center.

Jetana has also supported DAA to buy equipment for their equipment for loan program, helped with buying photo books for their free library, as well as funds for a number of project micro-grants and some materials for their Laisa (Kachin State) satellite center.



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Feb 112013

EPOP Asia  is an NGO that offers free online courses to students in Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.  Its principle objective is to provide access to students in these countries to get high enough scores in TOEFL tests so that they can take advantage of the many scholarship opportunities that are available to them.  EPOP has also developed courses which help with improving skills essential to students pursuing English-language higher education, such as essay-writing, research methods and critical thinking.

Jetana has provided grants to EPOP to develop a course teaching IELTS and to support its existing framework.  An IELTS course would be helpful in a number of ways.  Firstly, it provides students with a more rounded education than preparation for the TOEFL test (which focuses much more on grammar and pure language and is very US-centric).  Secondly, it will provide students with more chances to study abroad than the TOEFL test, which is only accepted by a limited number of institutions.

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Sep 062012
life and hope

Jetana provided funding for a project at Life and Hope Angkor, a grassroots project run from Wat Damnak in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

We provided funding for the “Moral & Social Training Program for Youth”,  for Junior and high school students and general public .  The program started with  500 students per time for 5 days courses.

We supported a”Monk Leadership Training and Social Engaged Initiatives for Leaders of the Temples (Head Monks)”.  By giving this training program to  leaders of  temples, it is hoped this will give them the seeds of change from the temple ground.   Wat Damnak itself serves  over 1000 beneficiaries every day.   If at least 10 other temples (there are 216 temples in Siem Reap province) do likewise, many more can help local communities.

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